In the past, in common with other aviation disciplines, ASRA has issued Airworthiness Directives and Airworthiness Alerts. Discussions in recent times led to a Board decision to dispense with the term “airworthiness” in preference to “safety”.

The main reason for the change is the CASA requirement that a placard be fitted to gyros stating in part that “Neither CASA nor ASRA guarantee the airworthiness of this gyroplane…”. It is inappropriate therefore to issue airworthiness statements if ASRA does not guarantee airworthiness.

Safety Directives and Safety Alerts are now being issued instead, but the reasons for generating such notices remain the same.

Safety Directives will be issued when it has been determined that a critical situation exists that, without corrective action, will seriously prejudice the safety of an operation. A Safety Directive must be complied with by those affected.

Safety Alerts will be issued when a situation has been identified that has the potential to result in reduced safety if the situation is not corrected. Safety Alerts contain highly recommended actions that are not mandatory.

Safety Alerts

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