Why join ASRA?

ASRA, under CASA regulations, requires pilots to provide evidence that they are medically fit to operate a gyroplane and hold a pilot certificate.

The medical standard for gyroplane pilots flying solo in is equivalent to that required for an Australian motor vehicle driver’s licence.

The ASRA Membership Application includes an F011A medical declaration section that must be completed and signed by all members before flying as a solo pilot or student pilot in a gyroplane.

If you have had, or are currently suffering from, any of the medical conditions listed in Section A on the form you must not sign the self-assessment declaration. Instead you are required to have your doctor sign the Section B instead. Download the F011B Solo Medical Form here.

Note that pilots who gain a passenger carrying endorsement or instructor rating cannot use the medical section on the membership form. Instead you must submit either a current CASA Class 2 Pilot Medical Certificate or an ASRA F010 Medical Examiners Certificate.

The examining doctor must be made aware that the medical is to be carried out to the Commercial Drivers Standard and that its purpose is for Sports Aviation, not Commercial Aviation use. Therefore the Commercial Medical Examiners Certificate is not acceptable to ASRA on its own. The ASRA F010 medical Certificate must be signed by your doctor.

Updated ASRA medical certification must be undertaken at least every 4 years for persons under 40 years of age, and every 2 years for those 40 years of age and over. Specific medical conditions may require more frequent certification and under certain circumstances “for cause” examinations may be required.

Members with internet access can use the online ASRA member administration database to keep their medicals up to date. With the exception of the solo medical, all other signed medicals will need to be scanned and uploaded to the member’s database record using the procedure in the Online Instruction Manual.

Alternatively you can post or email completed medical forms to the ASRA Registrar.

Contact the ASRA Registrar to clarify any issues:

All ASRA members who are pilots are covered for $1,000,000 public liability. Pilots with passenger carrying endorsements have a further $250,000 cover for passengers.

ASRA acts as the broker for QBE and collects the premiums as a mandatory levy added to annual membership fees.

Public Liability cover for more than $1,000,000 may be available through QBE on a case by case basis.

In addition, QBE offers hull insurance for individual gyroplanes on a case by case basis.

NB: All pilots should be aware that all Public Liability Insurance claims are subject to the pilot being fully compliant with the ASRA Operations manual at the time of the claim.
ASRA’s Aviation Legal Liability Policy information and Certificate of Currency are available via the links below.

QBE Insurance Certificate of Currency

ASRA Public Liability Insurance Policy

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