In Australia, gyroplanes operate under similar CASA regulations as do other recreational aircraft.

Under CASA CAO 95.12 & 12.1, gyros are classified as an ultralight with a maximum flying altitude of 500ft AGL (Above Ground Level) unless the pilot holds a specific endorsement. Gyros may also legally operate at a minimum altitude of 300ft AGL and even lower with the permission of the landowner.

A standard gyro circuit is executed at 500ft AGL. Other than these differences, gyros operate under the same CASA regulations as other ultralights.

Gyroplane operations are not permitted inside controlled airspace except that classified as Class E airspace. (CAO 95.12 and CAO 95.12.1)

Gyroplanes operating in Class E airspace must be equipped with VHF radio, and Flight Information Services are required, must also be equipped with a transponder.

Operations are only permitted under Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC).

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