Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association

ASRA is a national sport and recreational association, representing people with an interest in building and flying gyroplanes.

Under Civil Aviation Safety Authority accreditation, ASRA administers sport gyroplanes through the certification of pilots and the listing of gyroplanes in Australia. 

What we do

ASRA is concerned with improving standards of safety, pilot training and aircraft. It aims to promote reasonable and responsible practices in a manner accepted as professional to other aviation bodies and the public, while retaining our own identity, reducing costs and minimising restrictions.

Report an Incident

Help us improve the safety of gyroplane flying and manufacturer.

ASRA Forms

Easily access, download and view forms and applications.

Member Zone

Our member portal includes files, resources and database login.

Learn about Gyroplanes

‘Gyroplane’ is an official term describing an aircraft that gets lift from a freely turning rotary wing (rotor blades) and which derives its thrust from an engine-driven propeller. Historically, this type of aircraft has been known as the autogyro and the gyrocopter. The early names and variants were filed as trademarks.
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