Three Excel programs for download

The first program is the Centre of Gravity (CG) program written by Graeme Jury. Chuck Beaty did the other two: rotor performance and undersling.

CG Program
Rotor Performance Program
Undersling Program

Aircraft Bolt Chart

Bolt Specification Chart

New Gyroplane Registration

Gyroplanes constructed in Australia must be built in accordance with the relevant ASRA standards below. ASRA recommends that before you start to build, contact an ASRA Technical Adviser who will provide more information and feedback to many of the questions you may have. Proper advice will save you time and money.

Construction requirements and forms for gyroplanes

Forms are applicable to basic single and two place gyroplanes within Australia. If the constructed Gyroplane is a single seater with an empty weight of <=250kg, then either the Basic or Compliant construction standard can be used. A single seat Gyroplane with an empty weight of >250kg and all 2 seat Gyroplanes must use the Compliant construction standard.

Construction Requirements Basic Gyroplanes

F024 Registration Protocols Basic Gyroplanes Form

Construction Requirements Compliant Gyroplanes

F022 Registration Protocols Compliant Gyroplanes Form

For the benefit of Australian Clubs using a gyroglider, download the second draft of the Requirements for Approved Gyrogliders.

Sample Flight Manual
Sample Flight Manual can be downloaded here (Word doc). Fill in or delete the areas appropriate to your Gyroplane. Once completed, submit to the ASRA Registrar for approval. Once approved the Flight Manual will be digitally stamped and emailed back to the owner. A PDF copy will also be available from the owners online data file.

Longitudinal stability
Click here to read an article on this subject of passionate debate between gyroplane pilots.

Gyroplane Control
Click here for information about the ongoing debate as to whether gyroplanes are aerodynamically, controlled or weight shift controlled.

If you can't read these please notify the



*** UPDATE ***ASRA statement on the TAG investigation.Click here.

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Mustering Workshop October 2019.

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ASRA to become an approved self-administrating aviation organisation under CASR Part 149.

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ASRA’s Policy on Contract Mustering by Gyroplane

In 2014 ASRA wrote to the Hon Warren Truss MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development. CASA sits in Minister’s Truss’s portfolio. The letter, in part, reque

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