CASA Regulations state that only current financial ASRA members  are permitted to fly and list a Gyroplane.

On receipt of your listing form, the nominated Technical Adviser will be contacted to fill in the inspection online. Once completed, an invoice will be sent to your email address.
On receipt of your invoice, payments can be made online by credit card. Alternatively, payments by cheque or Money Order are made payable to ASRA Inc. and posted to: ASRA Registrar, PO Box 50 Hove SA 5048.

All documentation can be downloaded from the ASRA Website Members Zone.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.


You can ONLY use this online form for:

  • New Compliant Gyroplanes (already issued an ASRA Approval Number).
  • Gyroplanes that have been previously ASRA listed and have lapsed listing.
New Compliant Gyroplanes not issued with an ASRA Approval Number must use the F022 Application (PDF) form.

New Basic Gyroplanes must use the F024 Application (PDF) form.
(Never been ASRA Listed)

Application Form

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