New ASRA Membership or previous ASRA members applying to re-join can be processed by filling in this online form below or posting the PDF form. (You do not need to submit both).

On receipt of your PDF or online membership form, ASRA will send an invoice and instructions to access your online file to your email address.

On receipt of your invoice, payments can be made online by credit card. Alternatively, payments by cheque or Money Order are made payable to ASRA Inc. and posted to: ASRA Registrar, PO Box 50 Hove SA 5048.

Each year we will automatically send a renewal invoice – you do not need to complete this form again.

All documentation can be downloaded from the ASRA Website Members Zone.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

IMPORTANT: If you are over 15 and under the age of 18, you must DOWNLOAD the F009 Membership form (PDF). 

Post membership form to the address above.

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to ‘tick’ the membership medical declaration below, please DOWNLOAD the F011B Medical form (PDF) and make an appointment with your doctor. 

Post membership and medical forms to the address above.

Membership Contract Terms


I hereby apply for membership or renewal of membership of ASRA.

  1. I acknowledge that this is a contract for ASRA membership only, and not a contract for recreational services, professional services, or goods and that ASRA membership will entitle me to enjoy the benefit of flying under various CASA Exemptions.
  2. I acknowledge that I have read and understand ASRA By-Law 2010-01 (the ASRA Enforcement Scheme) and understand that it is now a strict condition of membership of ASRA that I agree to comply with the Enforcement Scheme, and I do so agree.
  3. I acknowledge that neither CASA nor ASRA certify the airworthiness of rotorcraft on the ASRA rotorcraft registers.
  4. I acknowledge that because ASRA is not a professional airworthiness certification entity, that the only practical means ASRA has of indirectly controlling airworthiness is through the development and application of rotorcraft Construction Standards.
  5. I acknowledge that I will be flying in ASRA registered rotorcraft at entirely my own risk.
  6. I acknowledge that ASRA has negotiated 3rd party insurance on behalf of its members and acts as my agent in relaying my insurance levy to the insurance company. I acknowledge that just like with motor vehicle 3rd party insurance, that I am not covered for any injury (or worse) that I sustain, nor is my gyroplane covered for loss or damage sustained to it. I acknowledge that the 3rd party insurance covers property owners who suffer loss or damage as a consequence of my gyroplane operations, as well as persons who suffer injury either as a passenger or a bystander, but that the level of cover is capped at $1 million. I understand that this cap might be regarded by some as potentially inadequate and I also understand that I may be able to negotiate with my insurer a greater level of 3rd party coverage as well as possibly also arranging personal injury cover (for myself) and cover for damage to my gyroplane (“hull insurance”) but that any such supplementary application will be assessed on its merits and likely to involve a very significantly increased premium.
  7. I hereby solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that ASRA and its officers will not be named as defendants or joined into any action or legal proceeding commenced by me either during or after the period of my membership and I declare and direct that my dependents, administrators or executors shall be similarly bound.
  8. I hereby solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that if I am subject to any disciplinary breaches by another aviation organisation or CASA, I will advise ASRA immediately. I also understand that a grounding order by another aviation organisation or CASA will also apply to my status as an ASRA member.

In order to successfully complete this application you must agree to these Membership Contract Terms.

Application Form

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