Status of CASR Part 149

Posted on 14/01/2019 by asra

In late 2014 CASA released a draft CASR Part 149 regulations covering Approved Self-administering Aviation Organisations (ASAO). Part 149 has been 14 years in development and will finally be tabled in Parliament in 2015.

CASA describes the major changes in the new draft of Part 149 in the letter that accompanies the release of the draft CASR as:

“….. proposed Part 149 would enable the Director of Aviation Safety to approve a wide range of organisations to self-administer aviation functions beyond the originally consulted scope of sport and recreational aviation.

Secondly, proposed Part 149 now utilises a model whereby organisations would be approved to administer functions rather than the previously consulted model of delegations. Of course some matters (registration, aircraft certification etc.) are delegations of existing CASR regulations and these would continue to be issued either to individuals (as now) or under Part 149 to approved organisations themselves.

Part 149 proposes an Exposition governance model as exists now for maintenance organisations (Part 145) and as is proposed for air transport operators in CASR. An exposition is a document written by the proposed ASAO that details the systems and processes ASAO would use to meet their regulated outcomes. A dominant proportion of a ASAO’s exposition would be the standards that the ASAO presently has in their operational manuals.

Part 149 proposes explicit requirements for key personnel qualifications and experience and a requirement for an ASAO to have an Accountable manager and a Safety manager. Part 149 proposes that other key personnel would be required to be nominated by the ASAO and detailed in their exposition. This would be expected to be a Head of operations and a Head of airworthiness for an ASAO that principally operates aircraft but would be different according to the nature of the ASAO.”

“Part 149 proposes a requirement for Safety management systems (SMS) but does not however mandate any further than the basic internationally standard components and elements as adopted by Australia. Draft Part 149 specifies that the SMS be appropriate for the ASAO’s approved functions, taking into account the nature and complexity of the functions. Simple ASAOs would be expected to meet the SMS components and elements in a way that is appropriate.

Part 149 also proposes requirements for Audit and surveillance system and Governance and disciplinary rules.”

As you can see, Part 149 will have far reaching consequences and should, if implemented well, simplify the relationship between CASA by removing much of the complexity created by the current regulatory regime.

One consequence of the new Part 149 is that it would make it easier to authorise commercial operations, including mustering, in gyros.

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