2024 gyroplane fly-in at Bridger family farm near Parkes, NSW, 12-14 April

A formal ASRA Nationals will not be held this year and ASRA is very grateful for the kind offer from fellow gyronaut, Alan Bridger, to hold a Fly-in Get Together, at the Bridger family farm, near Parkes NSW, Friday to Sunday,12 to 14 April 2024.

Alan has offered his farm for camping, flying and other gyro related activities. The property is located approx. 20 nm NW of Parkes Airport. Whilst there will be no formal flying competitions at the Bridger family farm that should not stop any gyronaut from going for a fly should you elect to do so over the weekend. The area has many interesting attractions, including the CSIRO radio telescope, but please familiarise yourself with the exclusion zone and height.

These dates (Friday to Sunday,12 to 14 April) fortunately coincide with the Fly’n for Fun air show being hosted by Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) and AMDA Foundation at Parkes Airport. ASRA will be providing a static display of various brands of gyroplanes at this event. Whilst the air show will have fixed wing aircraft on display, this is an excellent method promoting gyroplanes to the general public and aviation enthusiasts.

The Program at the Bridger family farm is still be finalised, which is likely to include a number of guest speakers, and ASRA instructors and technical advisors will be on-site to assist with any queries or advice. An ASRA sponsored BBQ will be held on one of the evenings.

With regard to anyone planning on camping on-site at the Bridger family farm, this is available and welcomed provided it is self-contained accommodation (whether that be a caravan, motor home, trailer, tent, swag, etc), however please note there are no powered sites available at the farm, but access to refrigeration may be available. ASRA will be funding the hire of portable toilets, showers, tables, chairs, etc.

For those who would prefer to stay in town, there is a range of accommodation options in Parkes, including hotels, motels, B&B’s, and caravan parks / cabins -see separate list.

This is a fabulous opportunity for ASRA members to attend both the Fly-in Get Together at the Bridger family farm, and the RAAus Fly’n for Fun air show at Parkes Airport. It is also a great opportunity to renew friendships, make new friends, have some fun, and come away a wiser and more knowledgeable gyronaut.

For further information and to register for the Fly-in Get Together at the Bridger family farm, could please contact Geoffrey Learmonth at glearmonth@cherryblue.net.au or call on 0418 977 238

For anyone interested in displaying at the Parkes ‘Fly’n for Fun’ Fly-in please contact: president@asra.org.au

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