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Download Three Excel Programs written by Chuck Beaty. The first program is the CG program written by Graeme Jury. Chuck did the other two, rotor performance and under-sling.

CG Program Rotor Performance Program

Undersling Program 

Construction Requirements & Forms for Gyroplanes

Basic Single & Two Place Gyroplanes within Australia.


Construction Requirements Basic Gyroplanes (NEW)

Construction Requirements Compliant Gyroplanes (NEW)

F022 Registration Protocols Compliant Gyroplanes Form (NEW)

F024 Registration Protocols Basic Gyroplanes Form (NEW)

A Gyroplane Inspection Checklist (12-05-2011) thanks to Allan Wardill.

Another useful document which may be downloaded is a sample Flight Manual.

For the benefit of Australian Clubs using a Gyroglider, download the second draft of the

Requirements for Approved Gyrogliders.

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Technical Advisors directory of those who are certified to approve gyroplanes suitable for flight and registration within Australia,

History of the Gyroplane is a short article of how this innovative concept began

The Gyroplane is a short explanation of what is a gyroplane

The Rotodyne is an article excerpted from a study produced by Dr. Frank Anders in 1988, and reproduced in part here, relates how the problem of gridlock at major hubs was evaluated, attacked, and solved in 1957.

Longitudinal stability of the gyroplane has always been a subject of passionate debate between pilots.

Gyroplane Control ongoing debate as to whether gyroplanes are aerodynamically, controlled or weight shift controlled

Autogyro Performance Program is available to download or run on your computer. It offers Gyroplane Design estimates calculated by Martin Hollman