Trial Instructional Flight (TIF)

Looking to understand Gyroplanes but not sure whether you are ready to commit? Then why not take a Trial Instruction Flight (TIF).

Get behind the controls with a qualified instructor to experience “hands on” flying. Unobstructed views from the cockpit, slow landing speeds and simple flight controls make this a unique experience, even to qualified pilots.

Your Instructor will brief you on:
- Pre-flight inspection
- Aircraft instruments
- Aircraft controls
- And answer any questions you may have.

The flight time counts towards your certificate, so what have you got to lose. For more information, contact an Instructor in your area from our Instructor List and arrange for a flight today.



*** UPDATE ***ASRA statement on the TAG investigation.Click here.

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Mustering Workshop October 2019.

RAAus held a mustering workshop in Cunnamulla during October 2019 and were kind enough to invite a representative from ASRA to attend. I accepted the offer with the idea being to provide input from a

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ASRA to become an approved self-administrating aviation organisation under CASR Part 149.

In late 2014 CASA released a draft CASR Part 149 regulations covering Approved Self-administering Aviation Organisations (ASAO). Part 149 has been 14 years in development and will finally be tabled in

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ASRA’s Policy on Contract Mustering by Gyroplane

In 2014 ASRA wrote to the Hon Warren Truss MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development. CASA sits in Minister’s Truss’s portfolio. The letter, in part, reque

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